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Antidepressants killing your erections?

Antidepressants are killing the man's mojo:

Anti-depressants like Diazepam and other medications are well know to cause Erectile dysfunction. For a list of medication that cause erection problem check out this list.

Ginko Biloba is your solution

You don't have to stop taking your medication to have fun in the bedroom, Ginko Biloba has shown to be effective for men who are experiencing Erectile dysfunction due to medication. 
Studies have shown that participants who were on Anti-depressants shown improvement in sexual function after taking Ginko Biloba.

What is Ginko biloba 

Ginko Biloba is native to China and has been grown over a 1000 years and it is know as the living fossil.

Ginko biloba is mainly used for blood circulation and brain health. We all know that in order to have great erection we need blood circulation.

To perform without anxiety we need good brain health thus Ginko biloba can be useful in the bedroom.

Benefits of Ginko Biloba 

  • Helps reduce depression
  • Helps with anxiety 
  • Improves brain functions 
  • Contains powerful antioxidants 
  • Improves circulation and heart health 

Give a Ginko a Go! 

Our Ultimate D supplement contains Ginko Biloba and many more powerful herbs that are good for you and your mojo.

Or you can try Ginko Biloba on its own in our Simply Organic range.

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