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Avoid this...or say bye to your erections!

The storm is always around the corner.

Shit just happens and we can all agree to that, we all have our bad days and we all have our ways on handling them.

Negative to positive.

When the storm hits we seek the positive, something that makes us feel good, the quicker the better so we can quickly forget how shit of a day we just had.  

Where it goes wrong.

We seek that instant gratification and most cases this is Drugs: alcohol, or any other substance to make you feel good or whacking off to porn for that quick instant rush of goodness.

This loop that most people are stuck in is doing more harm than good. It may feel good, but it's more of a false positive.

A very common Scenario.

Your on the right path , your taking supplements, your exercisng and your bedroom game is too notch. 

Then the storm comes and you have an argument with your partner, things got pretty bad.....(cut the story short) you jack off to porn to make you feel better.

Days go by and when you go back to perform with your partner shit doesn't work and now you have Erectile dysfunction!

You stop believing that the supplements and the exercise are working for you and suddenly your back into that endless loop.

Shake it OFF!

Shit happens we all know that but the storm always passes, and if you are stuck in that loop you can always press the reset button.

Next time when the storm hits don't look for that instant gratification, hit the gym do some exercise and bust a sweat! 

Remember always make sure you are prepared for battle!

Prepare yourself for battle with our Ultimate D supplement and claim back your thrown of the bedroom! 




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