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Increase the size of your balls lads

Your balls and sperm volume.

So what does our ejaculation volume and ball size tell us? 

We can use the ejaculation volume and testical size as a Benchmark.

If the ejaculation volume is low which means the size of the balls are small, then we know something is off with our hormones. 


Do not worry we've got your back

Getting hormones in the right direction and increasing your ejaculation volume can be achieved easily.
Cool balls are happy balls, we know heat decreases semen and testosterone production. 
Before you go to sleep take 5 minutes Cooling your testicals which will lead to a bigger pair which means increased sperm volume.

Diet for your ball sack

Also what you consume can also steer your hormones in the wrong direction and can cause a reduction in your ejaculation volume.
Try to consume fat soluble vitamins ( vitamins A, D, E and K) 
Include foods that are high in zinc(shellfish, oysters, prawns, liver) 
Also full fat dairy is great.
Try to consume these types of food as your last meal before bed so your balls wake up full and happy. 

What to avoid!

  • Avoid alcohol excessive consumption
  • Super hot baths and hot tubs
  • Anything made with soy beans 
  • Last but not least jerking off to pornography 

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