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Simple plan for on demand erections

Man cosmetics

Stay away from man cosmetics, some products contain phytoestrogens.
Any type of additional estrogen (female hormones) is a NO!


Wank or not to wank? 

Stay away from masturbation as it's not helpful for people with it without Erectile dysfunction save the energy for the real performance.


More sex less arguments

If you don't use it you will lose it , so use it and keep the lady happy this equals to way less arguments 


Build new muscle 

Yes that's right More muscle = more man hormones. Try to get exercise through the week. At least three times a week to elevate your testosterone to estrogen ratios


Man hobby

Men love to sit on the couch and just do nothing and watch TV in peace.

Stagnation can kill dopamine levels and we need clean dopamine, by taking up a hobby or a new side hustle we can boost our clean dopamine levels.

Clean Dopamine is great for Erections, remember clean dopamine and not dirty dopamine for example alcohol, pornography, long Netflix sessions and gaming.


With clean dopamine and extra boost of testosterone in your life you will soon notice the benefits in the bedroom thus making the lady happy. 

A man with more testosterone and more dopamine is more likely to spend more time laying down pipe in the bedroom than arguing with the misses. 



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