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The tree that gives erections

The bark that gives you wood!

Pine bark (pinus pinaster) is a pine tree native to the Mediterranean region which contain numerous health-promoting properties and one of the benefits is good old hard erections.

Pine bark can strengthen erectile function and help with the underlying issues of erectile dysfunctions.

Pine bark has shown promising results improving symptoms of erectile dysfunction. 

A study was done with men that are  dealing with erectile dysfunction and diabetes.

53 participants with Erectile dysfunction and type 2 diabetes were given a daily dose of 120mg of pine bark.

In the three months of taking 120mg of pine bark the participants significantly improved their erectile function.


There is more to pine bark than just good old erections...

Pine bark has been widely studied for many years now, ensuring Pine bark is safe to take.

Here are some other benefits:

  • Lower bad cholesterol
  • Improve circulation
  • Strengthens vascular system 
  • Balance blood sugar 
  • Boost antioxidants
  • Reduce inflammation

Get your bark on 😉

If you want to experience bine bark and all its glory you can try our Ultimate "D" blend containing pine bark and many other beneficial herbs.

If you want to try pine bark on it's own then check out our simply organic pine bark 

May the bark be with you....

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