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Endocrine system and your erections

The Endocrine system are groups of glands that regulate hormone production, sleep and reproduction. 

The key here is Brain, your brain communicates with your Endocrine system to balance production of hormones etc... And it is very easy to make things go off balance and even stop production as all this communication happens very fast. 

It takes a little effort to make things go off balance and here is how: 

  • Non stop social media surfing 🌊
  • Going down the YouTube wormhole aka binge watching 
  • Pornography
  • Gaming for hours on end.

All these activities require little brain power which can easily offset your endocrine system.

To prevent this all you need to do is to take on tasks that mentally, physically and emotionally challenge you and you will start boosting the brain chemicals in no time.

When you finish these challenging tasks you will feel satisfaction and have an increase in dopamine and dopamine is an erections best friend.

More dopamine equals increase of nitric oxide levels which then turns into good old hard erections.

Studies have shown that increase in dopamine may be effective in reversing erectile dysfunction in these endocrine disorders such as diabetes. 

So what are you waiting for, get started today, challenge yourself mentally, physically and emotionally.

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