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Erectile dysfunction recovery pack - HerbHead
Erectile dysfunction recovery pack - HerbHead
Erectile dysfunction recovery pack - HerbHead

Erectile dysfunction recovery pack

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If watching excessive amounts of porn caused you to go soft in the bedroom then this protocol is for you.

You get 15 X morning wood packs with this protocol.
All you have to do is drink morning wood once in the morning on an empty stomach and one more time in the evening.

Get some exercise, plus exercise the pelvic floor muscles, learn how here 

Stop watching porngraphic content!
When you get the urge, go perform in the bedroom instead of going online.


Add 3 teaspoons  in 340ml of water on an empty stomach in the morning and another serving in the evening

For better taste mix in a smoothie or juice.

Noticeable benefits:

  • · Better circulation
  • · Improved lung capacity
  • · A stronger, more powerful heart
  • · More energy and greater endurance
  • · Improved mental capacity
  • · More youthful, on-demand
  • · big pumps in the gym!
  • · Morning wood all night long ;)

Things you will never have to worry about...

  • • Performance anxiety
  • • Low libido
  • • Not in the mood for action
  • • Going soft mid way
  • • The nagging wife 

Most common causes of erectile dysfunction

Causes for younger males and in particular single males are: 

  • Watching porngraphic content
  • Fear of failure when getting with a new partner especially after watching all the porngraphic content.
  • Loss of erections while performing which leads to anxiety
Cause for middle aged men are :
  • Stress and work related issues 
  • Fear of failure in other aspects of life.
  • No exercise and more time watching TV
  • Lack of variety to incorporate in the bedroom
  • Nagging wife and lack of motivation to hit the sheets.
  • All this leads to the loss of erection 
Cause for elder men are : 
  • Age related issues 
  • Medical issues 
  • Blood pressure 
  • Vascular issue 
  • Blood sugar problems
  • More laziness and no exercise.
Main things to remember are :
  • Healthy diet 
  • Exercise
  • Keeping yourself busy and avoid being stagnant. 
  • Keep stress low 
  • Keep life interesting in and out of the bedroom